SIG offers several specialized services to provide our clients with timely and relevant information. Our work is designed to move the transportation industry toward higher performance in the areas where transportation has the greatest impacts: access, climate, energy, ecological function, integrated planning and costs. SIG’s focuses on clean transportation incentives, primarily, alternative fuels and emission reduction incentives.

Incentive Inventory

SIG maintains an up-to-date inventory of federal and state grant announcements specific to the transportation industry and information, incentives, and programs. We provide notifications and incentive summaries when new programs are announced.

Incentive Evaluation

SIG evaluates each federal and state incentive program to determine if the program is right for your organization and your sustainability goals. We work directly with the funding agencies to understand their expectations and goals for the program so we can better guide our clients in developing the right project.

Grant Writing and Application

We lead our clients in selecting and developing the right project for each specific grant program. SIG staff will complete every part of a grant application; including project narrative, timeline, budget, forms and calculations. Utilizing the outlined evaluation system; we develop  the most competitive application possible.

SIG staff has written successful application to many of the nation’s largest and leading grant programs, including the National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program, the Texas Clean Transportation Triangle Program and the Unites States Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Funding Program. SIG assisted the applicant in all aspects of these applications, including assisting with the establishment the project to meet program parameters, completion of program forms and materials, liaison with the funding agency, assisting with the development of project narrative, development of project budget and timeline and submission of application.

Grant Administration and Incentive Compliance

After award of funding SIG manages stakeholder and partner tasks, program education and outreach, and providing status and financial reports to the funding agency.  SIG manages grant and incentive reporting and compliance, ensuring every project has the appropriate level of attention and accuracy.

Our team works with a variety of partners including but not limited to local, state and federal government, non-profits and private interest to develop competitive and innovative project proposals. Our goal is to maximize the visibility of a potential project to funding sources while ensuring that goals and achievements are measurable and realistic. SIG’s strict adherence to developing quality products tailored to the precise requirements and specifications of a program has led to our clients and partners being awarded almost $10 million in federal and state grants.

SIG’s offers a unique business model, our grant writing efforts are contingent fee based. We accept the fact that in today’s environment, grants are especially competitive and therefore believe that our accomplishments should be intertwined with successful achievement for our clients.

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